How to Dominate the Print Game
through Company eStores

Print Like a Boss
Web-to-print technology can increase retention by up to 95%.


Best for resellers who have a client with:

  • 100+ employees
  • 5+ locations
  • 1-5+ products


Most popular products:

  1. Business Cards and Name Badges
  2. Flyers
  3. Folders
  4. Address Labels
  5. Letterhead and Envelopes

Why Resellers Love Company eStores

  • Marketing support
  • Merchandising control
  • Site customization
  • Variable field prompts
  • Re-order capabilities
  • Wide product support 
  • Credit card or summary bill invoicing

The Retention Recipe: Company eStores
We can help you streamline your business and start to print like a boss.
Learn about the ways company estores like NavShop Ultra help you keep your clients for the lo-o-o-ong term and enable online ordering of custom branded merchandise and business identity products.

Start your free 15 min Flash Appraisal

Hey Resellers, share this non-branded video to give your client a sense of the top features for their Company eStore!

Company eStore Resources
Dig into the specifics of what you can offer your client with their branded products.

Full Technology Resources
Learn more about all the ecommerce options with Navitor including integration (using your ecommerce site or portal), manufacturing, branded sites, and more.


Typical Costs to Cover Templating, Proofing, and Site Maintenance
If you’re doing $3,000 per year or more with Navitor, talk to us about getting a company estore up for your client!

  • Site Setup: $500 ($650 suggested retail) - this one-time only fee includes all aspects of your site setup, including logos, branding, and 10 branded products.  This will be rebated in full for accounts reaching $5000 in the first year.
  • Licensing: $150/month ($200 suggested retail) - this fee is waived once an account maintains $1000 per year.  
  • Product: Additional products can be added at any time for $25 per product template. And yep, 10 products are included with your new site setup.

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